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Q:  "What does Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month mean to you?"

A:  "For me, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a celebration of our country's racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity.  It is also an opportunity for me to look back on, and be thankful for, the many opportunities this country has given me, my family, and other Asian and Pacific Islander immigrants."

Q:  "What is the best career advice you have been given?"

A:  "Be yourself, even as a professional.  We are all unique in our own ways.  If we pretend to be someone we are not, we will come across as ungenuine.  That, in turn, will negatively impact our credibility and effectiveness."

Q:  "What are your interests outside of work."

A:  "I enjoy watching college football and basketball, playing golf, singing and playing music on the electronic keyboard."

Q:  "Do you speak or understand any other languages?"

A:  "I am conversant in Spanish and can understand Tagalog."

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